Hot Water Pros – Our Latest News

Pro-Tech Services Hot Water ProsPool and Spa business has been booming here at Pro-Tech Services and because we want the public to know how serious we are about wanting to be there for you, our customers; we thought it best to update our brand with the times and to share our newly relaunched website!  We’ve updated the information within these pages to reflect the latest information about Pro-Tech Services:  Your Hot Water Pros.  Let us know what you think!

Our Customers’ Best Interests in Mind

Pool TilesPro-Tech Services’ Technicians work hard to make sure that your pool(s) and spa(s) are maintainable.  What we mean by that is we analyze the condition that your equipment is in, see if there is a way to fix the problem without any additional replacement costs to you, our customer.  If we are able to “fix” the problem this way, we will discuss options for you to prevent any additional high costs moving forward.  Our past and current customers know this about us.  Starting out in a small town and becoming the region’s leaders, it is because of our customers that we have had huge repeating success……